My research interests comprise jazz theory, analysis, history and pedagogy of jazz and related styles of popular music, based on an analytical method which blends historic, socio-cultural and archival research, artistic research as well as investigations of form, harmony, melody and rhythmic structures. This interdisciplinary approach is reflected in my dissertation entitled ‘Aspects of Context and Harmony in the Music of Clare Fischer’, in articles which have appeared in journals such as Jazzforschung/Jazz Research, as well as in some of my artistic work, such as a recent, research-based compositions for jazz orchestra (Upper Styrian Big band Folk).

2011 – 2013

‘Jazz & the City: Identity of a Capital of Jazz’, University of Music and Performing Arts in Graz

(funded by the Austrian Science and Research Fund FWF)


Clare Fischer Archive, American Jazz Institute in Los Angeles

(funded by a Fulbright Scholar Award)

2004 – 2009

PhD research, presented in the dissertation entitled Aspects of Harmony and Context in the Music of Clare Fischer at the University of Sydney (funded by several grants, including the International Endeavour Research Scholarship of the Australien government)


MMus thesis Aspects of Harmony in the Clare Fischer Composition ‘In memoriam’


Magister Artium thesis Brad Mehldau: Eine Stilanalyse


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