Touring the Australian East Coast with the great band Mosaic for almost a month a few years ago was an amazing experience – good times – Mosaic is led by singer/composer Judy Campbell and her husband, saxophonist Mark Ginsberg. Percussionist Bandika joined us from Kenia for this event.

Judy Campbell’s MOSAIC brings together some of Australia’s most accomplished jazz performers and composers to present a multicultural rainbow of ‘world jazz’. With influences ranging from African to Jewish, Brazilian and American music, they celebrate musical diversity through the lens of contemporary Australian jazz, with a particular focus on vocal textures.

“MOSAIC’s music is like a sunshower on a summer’s day …”
John Shand, Sydney Morning Herald

The band aims to present the collaborative artistic strength of a remarkable group of Australian performers to a wide Australian audience, and provide an outlet for the original compositions of all band members. The philosophy of the band is to create music around the theme of ‘unity in diversity’, drawing on influences ranging from jazz to world music, creating a metaphor for harmony in the world. MOSAIC reaches out to followers of contemporary jazz, vocal and world music, and has a particular interest in performance in multicultural situations.

The line up includes piano, bass, drums, guitar, saxophone, two frontline vocalists plus backing vocals from two of the instrumentalists. Percussion has become a key part of the sound. Judy also adds the unique sound of an array mbira, based on the traditional African mbira.

“Its richness comes out of the diversity of its members, from virtuoso James Muller to vocalist Judy Campbell, who blends a strong understanding of the jazz tradition with knowledge of Jewish and world music.” Jasmine Crittenden, Drum Media



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