2018                Erzherzog-Johann-Research Award Land Steiermark (EUR 12.000)

2015/16          Grants for book publication, symposium and CD-production „Jazz & the City“ (Land Steiermark, Stadt Graz, International Society for Jazz Research IGJ, University of Music and Performing Arts Graz, EUR 7.000)

2012                Small grant for the installation of the „Digital Clare Fischer Archive“ at the University of Music Graz (Land Steiermark, EUR 1.500)

2011               Austrian Science Fund FWF-PEEK Research Grant (2011–2013, EUR 120.000)

Morroe Berger – Benny Carter Jazz Research Award (USD 1.500)

GSK Graduate Support (Austrian Ministry of Science)

2009               Fulbright Scholar Award (January – March 2010, USD 15.000)

Grant for Organization of 1. International Clare Fischer Symposium (Austrian Ministry for Science, Styrian Federal Council for Science, EUR 7.000)

2008               GSK Graduate Support (Austrian Ministry for Science)

2005                Endeavour International Research Scholarship and International Postgraduate Award (Australian Government), Emanuel und Sophie Fohn Award

Invitation/Grant to Jazz Composers ResidencyProgram JazzAhead atKennedy Center in Washington D.C., USA

2004               Margaret Henderson Donation Account (Sydney, AUS)

2003                Sydney Conservatorium International Scholarship with Merit, Various grants by Austrian Federal Chancellery, SKE Fonds, City Council Graz for MMus studies at the University of Sydney

2002                Various grants by Austrian Ministry f. Science, SKE Fonds, City Council Graz for MMus studies at the University of Sydney and CD-production Stories

2001               Erasmus Scholarship for studies at the Musikhochschule Cologne

2000                Grant for workshop ‘Jazz in July’ at the Amherst University of Massachusetts

1999               Grant for 10. IASJ-Jazzmeeting in Santiago de Compostela (Spain)


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