Upper Styrian Big Band Folk (CD USBBF ca. 70’) UA 2010

Compositions Turlhofer, Gebirge, Steirerbua, Über d’Alma, Shot in the Dark, Aper, Sacred Folks, Let me be with You, Styrian Mountain Dance, Kohlröserl, Rinnegger

Vienna Art Ensemble 2010/11

Arrangements of Classical/Folk Music (Liebesleid – Kreisler, Sonata Facile – Mozart, Badinerie – Bach, Ave Maria – Schubert, Erlkönig – Schubert, …)

Rondo Vienna (CD Strong Enough) 2009

Composition and Arrangements for Solo Violin, String Orchestra and Rhythm Section: Fiesta, Flashdance, I Will Survive, YMCA, Cotton Eyed Joe

missImister (w/Marina Zettl, various songs, total 120’, CDs Bittersweet, m&m) 2005-2009

Das Ewige Spiel, Bittersweet, Back to the Roots, Innere Stimme, Radiohead, Venture, get Around, Dance, I Can Fly, Time to go Easy, Hold on & Believe, I Don’t Care, On a Trip With Elton, Loslassen, Bel Mondo, Kiss me Boy

SaxallegrO (22’) UA Slovenia 2006

Aspekte. 1+1=3

Mona Lisa String Quartet (various compositions and arrangements, total 70′) 2003-2005

Moving, Newborn, Aquarius, Fein Sein, Stierschwanz, Introduction, Das Blaue Wunder, Amadeus Will Rock Us, Variations on Mozart, Sonata Facile, Carmen’s Satisfaction, What is a Youth

Gospel Chor Graz (16’), UA Graz 2005

We See the World

Michael Kahr Quartet/Trio (various modern jazz tunes, total 140’) 2002

BlackJack, Alle-Gu, Highlands, Baksheesh, Song for Anna, 3-4-4, Who knows Billy Bäng?, Mambo Out, Steps, May Bell, Nockstein Blues, Blues Ahead, Über’n Berg, Not Yet Arrived, West of the Sun, East of the Moon, A Snake’s World, In Memoriam (Esbjörn Svenson), Kit-Kat, Still Still…

European African Jazz Ensemble (13’) UA Senegal 2002

Electronics (w/Don Summer) 1999 – 2001

Gusher in the Sky, Pesante Theme


Suite für 3 Trompeten/Flügelhörner (Koch Verlag)


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