• Jazz & the City: Jazz in Graz von 1965 bis 2015. Graz: Leykam (2016).

Academic Theses

  • Aspects of Context and Harmony in the Music of Clare Fischer. PhD thesis. University of Sydney (2009).
  • Aspects of Harmony in the Clare Fischer Composition „In Memoriam“. MMus thesis. University of Sydney (2005).
  • Brad Mehldau. Eine Stilanalyse. Magister Artium thesis. Hochschule für Musik und darstellende Kunst Graz (2001).

Articles – Peer Reviewed

  • „50 Years of Academic Jazz in Central Europe: Musicological and Artistic Research Perspectives in a Case Study of Local Jazz History in Graz“. Proceedings of Continental Drift Conference, Edinburgh (2017 in Print)
  • „Herbie Hancock, Chromatic Harmony and Clare Fischer“. Jazzforschung / Jazz Research 46 (2017 in Print).
  • „The Development of the Jazz Institute in Graz as a Pioneer of Academic Jazz in Europe“. European Journal of Musicology (2017 in Review),
  • „Künstlerische Forschung im Bereich Jazz und Popularmusik an der Kunstuniversität Graz“. Zeitschrift für Hochschulentwicklung ZfHE 10 / 1 (2015), 39–51,
  • „Upper Styrian Big Band Folk – Exploring Local Authenticity and Identity in Jazz“. Journal for Artistic Research 3 (2013),
  • „Transcultural Transformations: Dimitri Shostakovich and Clare Fischer“. Problemy Muzikal’noi Nauki 2 (2009), 39–47,

Book Chapters

  • „Zur musikalischen Entwicklung des modernen Jazz in Graz (1953–1955)“. Wiener Jahrbuch für Musikwissenschaft (2017 in Print).
  • „Artistic Research in Jazz: A Case Study and Potential Developments”. Music and Sonic Arts: Theories and Practice. Cambridge Scholars Press, ed. Mine Dogantan-Dack (2017 in Print).
  • „Chromaticism and Identity in the Music of Clare Fischer“. Darmstädter Beiträge zur Jazzforschung 14 (2016), 71–84.
  • „Jazz Komposition: Theorie und Praxis“, in: Musiktheorie und Komposition, Folkwang Studien 15 (2015), 307–314.
  • mit Christa Bruckner-Haring. „Jazznetworks in Austria: The Jazzwerkstatt Initiative“. The Cultural Politics of Jazz Collectives: This Is Our Music, eds. Tony Whyton and Nicholas Gebhardt, Routledge 2015, 177–196.
  • „Current Tendencies in Jazz Theory“. Jazzforschung/Jazz Research 40 (2008), 113–124.

Other Articles

  • „Conference Report: »14th Darmstadt Jazzforum; ›Gender and
Identity in Jazz‹«, Darmstadt (Germany), October 1–4, 2015“. Jazz Research News 48 (2015), 2260–
  • „Historische Entwicklung des Institutes für Jazz“. 50 Jahre Institut Jazz / Kunst Uni Graz (2015).
  • „Conference Report, Part II: ‚Rhythm Changes II: Rethinking Jazz Cultures, Salford (UK), April 11-14“. Jazz Research News 44 (2013), 2072–2074.
  • with Christa Bruckner-Haring, „Jazzwerkstatt Graz: A Young Austrian Jazz Initiative“. Jazz Research Journal1/2 (2011), 176–186. DOI: 10.1558/jazz.v5i1-2.176
  • „Projektvorstellung: Jazz & the City“, in: Jazz Research News 39 (2011), 1852–1854.
  • „Announcement of the First International Clare Fischer Symposium“. Jazz Research News 34 (2010), 1628–1630.

Invited Talks

  • „Creative and Meaningful Writing for Strings in the Context of Popular Music“. Guest Lecture at Hochschule für Kunst, Design und Populäre Musik Freiburg. Freiburg (2017).
  • „The Music of Clare Fischer“. Annual Conference of the Jazz Education Network JEN. New Orleans (2017)
  • „Jazz und Popularmusik an der Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Graz“. IASPM D-A-CH Konferenz. Graz (2016)
  • „Chromaticism and Identity in Clare Fischer’s Music“. Jazzforum Darmstadt. Darmstadt (2015)
  • „The Institute for Jazz Research in Graz“. Panel discussion at the Conference for Popular Music Research at the Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien. Vienna (2014)
  • „Die Entwicklung des Grazer Jazzinstitutes als Rollenmodell für die akademische Jazzausbildung in Europa“. Hochschule der Künste Bern. Lucerne (2014)
  • „Towards the analysis of linear aspects in jazz harmony“. Presentation and panel discussion at Jazz Research Workshop at University of Weimar. Weimar (2014)
  • „Herbie Hancock, Chromatic Harmony and Clare Fischer“. Jazzforum Darmstadt/IGJ Conference Jazzdebatten/Jazzanalysen. Darmstadt (2013)
  • „Kreativität und Wissenschaft“. Science Goes Public Series organized by the Austrian Ministry of Science. Vienna (2013)
  • „Analytische Beobachtungen zum Streicherklang in Rock- und Popmusik“. Popularmusikkonferenz Kunstuniversität Graz. Graz (2012)
  • „The Music of Clare Fischer“. Rutgers University, Jazz Research Round Table. Newark (2011)
  • „Jazz Pop Rock im Musikschulunterricht“. Keynote Address at the Annual Conference of Styrian Music Educators. Kapfenberg (2011)

Conference Papers and Presentations

  • „50 Years of Academic Jazz in Europe“. Continentaldrift Conference, Edinburgh Napier University Scotland. Edinburgh (2016)
  • „The Academic Jazz Institution in Graz and its Role in Promoting Jazz in Europe“. Jazz Talks Conference, Aveiro University Portugal. Aveiro (2013)
  • „Upper Styrian Big Band Folk: A Case Study of Artistic Research regarding the Use of Historical Resources in the Contemporary Musical Expression of a Rural Community in the European Alps“. ICTM Conference at Shanghai Conservatory of Music. Shanghai (2013)
  • „Out of Nowhere: The Role of Jazz Institutions in Graz in the Formation of Jazz Identity“. Rhythm Changes Conference in Salford. Salford (2013)
  • „Artistic Research in Jazz – A Case Study“. MuSA Conference Karlsruhe. Karlsruhe (2012)
  • „Identität der Jazzstadt Graz“. Lange Nacht der Forschung Graz. Graz (2012)
  • „Jazzkomposition: Theorie und Praxis“. GMTH. Essen (2012)
  • „Jazz & the City“. Rhythm Changes Conference. Amsterdam (2011)
  • „Improvisation and Composition in the Music of Clare Fischer: I am a Writer who Plays Piano“. 11th International Jazz Research Conference. Leeds (2011)
  • „The Music of Clare Fischer“. Lecture Recital Mount San Antonio College. Los Angeles (2010)
  • „Presenting the Digital Clare Fischer Archive and a Recent Dissertation on the Music of Clare Fischer“. 1st international Clare Fischer Symposium. Graz (2010)
  • „Emotional motiviert: Kompositorische und Improvisatorische Strukturen in der Musik von Clare Fischer“. 9th International Music Theory Conference. Mainz (2009)
  • „Die Jazztheorie als interdisziplinäres Fach“. 8th International Music Theory Conference. Graz (2008)
  • „Considering the Socio-cultural Context in Jazz Analysis: A Comparative Study of Clare Fischer’s and Dimitri Shostakovich’s music“. 8th International Jazz Research Conference. Leeds (2008)



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